Richmond Veterinary Research Center

Rest in RVRC, we work for you.

Certificación GMP 2011/ 2014 /2019 · BPFPV Res 482/02 SENASA

All our quality, technology and services at your disposal.

In RVRC we offer all our available technology so you can project the evolution of your pharmaceutical business in quality, time and quantity according to your objectives.

Elaboración y Dosificación Estéril

Elaboración y fraccionamiento de líquidos, polvos, semisólidos y emulsiones estériles y no estériles; incluyendo Principios Activos Hormonales en área segregada.


An exclusive space equipped with a wide variety and diversity of equipment (Labellers, Encoders, Cartridges, Reviewers). These are the resources we have that allow us to optimize processes and adapt them to the needs and formats of our customers.

Final conditioning with Traceability System according to GS1 standards (Barcode and Datamatrix)


We have an area of 1800 m2 of deposit for finished and semi-finished products, with segregated areas according to assets, under controlled storage environmental conditions.

GMP deposits of inputs and finished products including ectoparasiticides and aerosols.