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Detor ®


Aprax Large ®


Aprax Medium ®


Aprax Suspension ®

Propovet 20 mL

Acuprin 100 mL

Acuprin 100 ml

Actinal ™


Clindex 400

Clindex 400

Dermapet ®


Felifat ®

Dermapet Fragance Attitude ®

Dermapet Fragance Attitude

Dermapet Fragance Female ®

Dermapet Fragance Puppies Cotton ®


Work areas

Companion Animals /

Everything for pets! Dogs, cats, ornamental birds, reptiles, etc. Anesthesiology, Clinical Use, Antiparasitic, Antimicrobial.

Big Animals /

Livestock, sheep and pig industry. Nutrition, Anesthesiology, Clinical Use, Antiparasitic, Antimicrobial, Medical Line.

Poultry and Swine /

Swine and Poultry Industry. Anesthesiology, Antimicrobial, Antiparasitic, Nutritional, Medical Line, Pain Line, Reproduction.

Equine /

Veterinary products designed for the best sports performance of your horse. Anesthesiology, Antimicrobial, Antiparasitic, Nutritional, Medical Line, Pain and Reproduction Line.

Medications and Equipment

Our Productos

Our strength is focused on the development and development of differential medicines and new therapeutic solutions in specific pathologies for Beef Cattle, Milk Cattle, Swine, Sheep, Horses, Small animals and exotic species.

Know us briefly

About us

An Argentine company that produces for the world a new concept in therapeutics and development of medicines and equipment for veterinary use.
We have our own national distribution network …

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Vademecum 2023

More than 70 products for the veterinary industry! For large animals, pets, poultry and pigs, horses and anesthesia equipment included.

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